What my clients say about working with me?

N. B.

Manager Medical Device

“The coaching was a revelation for me. It started as a kind of curiosity, I didn’t really believe that coaching could help me in my professional and personal life.  I didn’t know what to expect but I knew that I had to take action and that I needed support to act in my career.  Indeed, at that time, I was like a robot and thanks to Mercedes I have opened my eyes and heart.

This coaching came as a fundamental help in a very difficult moment of my life. Mercedes really helped me overcome a tragic moment. Thanks to this coaching I was able to find my new job.  I still continue the coaching because it helps me to go further.

Mercedes helped me to continue my path by giving me courage, energy and positivity. With the coaching but also the exercises (challenge, discovery) I found hope to continue, I am able to set my boundaries, stop and especially to find a good balance in my professional and personal life.

Thank you, Mercedes, for your unique coaching and for allowing me to regain my energy…”


Entrepreneur - Owner of Müi Food -
a Mexican catering company
Amersfoort, Netherlands

“As an entrepreneur I was stuck waiving the risk to expand my production line whilst I was busy focused on delivering my already demanding and successful products. Being busy delivering my products while feeling overwhelmed by fear of failure to expand my business kept me stuck. At that moment, and as fallen from the ski, I had the opportunity to be coached by Mercedes Tato. Mercedes allowed me to open up to different perspectives when considering my reality. The first sessions helped me to clarify what I believed to be problems and uncertainties. After a few sessions, and with the tools I acquired, I understood those unresolved issues would be actions I had to tackle. Doing this, I could manage the change I was faced with and I couldn’t dare to take the first step to solve it.

Not only did I benefit professionally but I’ve also learned to deal with overwhelming situations. I understood the transformation relies on myself and that everything could fall in place when things are worked out!

Thank you Mercedes for walking with me in this journey of professional growth and changes!”


Co-Active Coach, CPCC, ACC ICF,
The Netherlands

“Having Mercedes as my coach has been a blessing. After moving houses a few times in a relatively short period of time and having difficulties gaining clients for my business, I felt stuck both privately and professionally. I was not able to get in touch with my own energy and strength anymore. Mercedes got me back on track in just a few sessions. It was soon clear what the things are that I need most in my life to get me going and I got completely energised again. Mercedes held me accountable for taking good self care in such an amazing way that I only wanted to get going and going. She got me completely fired up. Mercedes has this unique bright intelligence of sensing immediately what you bring into the space combined with her optimism and humor made the sessions a real joy! Working with Mercedes has been a force multiplier in my growth. I would highly recommend her!”


Founder GD Relocation
London, UK

“Thank you Mercedes! My coaching journey with you started a bit sceptical, I was not at my best professionally nor personally. I was struggling with my confidence and self-esteem. I had difficulties connecting to my goals or even thinking I could achieve them. However, I was determined I wanted to get out of that place. Your presence, your listening skills and your way of asking questions pulled me out of there. I now feel empowered, able to achieve anything I set my mind and soul into. I have even founded my own business; a goal I had been tackling for years. I had thought I wouldn’t be able to do it. Thank you for giving me back the ability to connect to my inner leader and strength.”


Nomadic artist and Writer, Creator of @fortheloveofvaganova

“I sought out coaching because I had reached a point in which the cycles of self sabotage, procrastination, trauma, unworthiness and inner resistance became impossible to break through. Without exaggeration I can say that finding Mercedes as a coach has been life-changing. Mercedes had the unique ability to respect and understand my needs, applying both knowledge and her highly developed and accurate intuition to guide me to what I had to find. Almost all sessions I came in anxious, helpless and lost and she consistently helped me find my own wisdom and strength, removing creative blocks and resistance I had been fighting for years within just 60 min. This helped me learn to access a state in which working consistently for my goals felt natural, peaceful and good and strong!”



“After a long search for a tool that would give me the necessary strength to identify my mental wreckers, Mercedes introduced me to coaching.In my day to day life, I have experienced many positive changes in my behaviour and thinking. Though I consider myself a very organised person, I am now able to make pauses and reschedule pending tasks without feeling frustrated. I plan my daily activities by prioritising that, which is most important and if something is not done, I do not punish and criticise myself. One of the goals I have reached, is that I am not afraid of what people might think about my age and knowledge. Mercedes gave me the necessary tools to remember I have strong capacities that are needed in today’s professional world.”


Bachelor of Science in Communication
The Netherlands

“My daughter finished high school as did my job as an active mom at school. We decided to stay permanently in the country. This opened up many possibilities and opportunities for me, but I didn’t know how to start. That’s when I found Mercedes coaching. No one knows better how to perfectly identify people’s needs and how to help them in a timely and precise manner, within a warm and positive environment. Thanks to those qualities and management of coaching, I have become aware of my skills, values and strengths which helped me handle various situations, with a different approach, knowing the tools I have and are part of me.”