I am on a mission to reconnect courageous people to their inner power so they could redesign their life path and claim ownership!

I am Mercedes Tato a Certified Professional Co-active Coach and an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation. I am also a multicultural woman, happily married and the mother of two teenagers. I hold an MBA and worked and lived in different countries. Furthermore, I am a supportive person, a firm believer in the power of conscious choice. Simplicity, positivity and resilience are major aspects of my personality.

Altogether, I am that person who was brave enough to stop, who listened to the silence, stepped out of my comfort zone and created my coaching practice. This was my moment to choose to honor my life passion of supporting others to take the lead of their life. My passion of supporting people in choosing the path of less resistance, that path where you breath, where you grow, and where you are who you are meant to be.

Mercedes Tato

My path

My life prior to becoming a coach was full of events and opportunities. Same as I believe all of lives are. I was born in Spain and moved to Venezuela as a little girl with my parents where I grew up, studied and worked.

When I was 21, I graduated from a five-year-degree in Finance. By the age of 23, I moved to the US to get my Master’s degree. By then, I had already worked in a big multinational company for four years. My professional career was skyrocketing.

Then by the age of 28 I made a bold choice and left my career to get married and move to Mexico. I officially became “a trailing spouse”. To me, was much simpler, I had chosen a new life path where I could be present whilst I worked on my family. This moving/expat world is a space where you see people “navigating” life. I had witnessed and admired families with an amazing sense of acceptance and flexibility. Families  that will move as the companies expect from them and thrive in each new destination. I had also seen people dealing with a sense of malaise when recognising they might be stuck, feel lost or simply not where they had thought they would like to be at a certain stage in life.

After my certifications and with over 300 hours of Professional Coaching, I am on a mission to reconnect courageous people, in their 40’s and 50’s to their inner power so they could redesign their life journey and claim ownership. 

Life is simple, you might only need to be aware of who you need to be and what you need to do to take the lead of your journey. I am here to support you!!

Mercedes Tato

My certificates